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So recently my company decided to give BES10 a whirl. Part of the demo was to activate an Android device on the BES10 Server and see what functionality it offered. Well, needless to say we weren’t too impressed. We killed the server, and I tried to uninstall the client, but the Uninstall option was grayed out.

What I found is the BES10 Client makes itself a “Device Administrator” on your Android device which is why the application cannot be uninstalled. Below are the steps to remove the BES10 Client on your Android device:

1) Go in to Settings and click “Security”













2) Select “Device Administrators”













3) Uncheck BES10 Client











4) Click Deactivate!











Once this is done, you can then go back in to your Applications Manager and Uninstall the BES10 Client.

Written By: Amardeep Juneja