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The collective group of hackers who call themselves ‘Anonymous’ has today admitted to suffering an embarrassing breach of their own Twitter account, having been hacked by the lower profile group known as ‘Rustle League.’

There have been a number of high-profile hacks publicised in recent weeks, in addition to those on Twitter groups such as the New York Times have admitted to having had their security breached in recent weeks. Today’s admission is perhaps the most alarming, however, as there is definitely cause to ask if even a hacking group aren’t safe, what hope is there for the rest of us.

Businesses and individuals are becoming increasingly wary when it comes to their security online. Whether it is through the passwords they use for social media and other services, or the way in which things such as VPS hosting and cloud-based software is potentially an easy target. We looked at the potential impacts of this recent spate of data breaches and hackings, and asked whether there is any way to put a stop to it?

Scared Businesses

Across the world, businesses are already wary of what they do online, especially in terms of cloud services, and these events are not going to anything but make them feel justified in that respect. If nothing else, the attacks will further motivate technology developers to continue making their products better and more secure, especially those in growth markets, such as those we mentioned earlier in VPS and cloud services.

However, a continuation of these throughout the year could well see businesses decide to shun the cloud and other platforms until they are able to be 100% confident in the security measures put into place.

Developing Policies

A school of thought holds the opinion that if someone wants to hack something, they will do. However, to say solely that “we have been victim of a cyber-attack or hack” would be an incredibly naïve and borderline stupid thing to do.

Yes, there are concerns around cloud security and reliability, but surely one thing we should all be doing, businesses and individuals, is looking within ourselves at what we could do better to reduce the risk. For businesses, this is likely to mean reviewing the services they use, the employees that access information in risk areas, and the data protection policies that they have in place. On an individual level, it is likely to go no further than changing passwords and making sure that we don’t have the same one across 20 sites.

If anything positive comes from hacker attacks, it is that people will be forced to think much harder about what they do online, especially when it comes to personal information.

The Future

While it is wrong to resign ourselves to a future dominated by similar stories, the truth is that as long as there are people who are ‘there for the taking,’ hackers are going to take the opportunity to embarrass them. The game of cat and mouse that exists in terms of “you develop a new security system, we find a way to hack it” is set to continue for many years to come, and will likely influence both individuals and large businesses around the world.

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