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 The growing importance of mobile technology in our contemporary world is obvious. Not only does it makes people’s lives easier by converging different tasks in one single device such as a laptop or a Smartphone, but it also helps to optimize time with the help of different software and applications. This works for both our personal and professional lives. Businessmen from companies of all sizes have been adapting their workplace to fit new gadgets and gizmos, with the intention of being more flexible, fast and efficient. So when thinking about strategies for helping start-up companies to take off, mobile technology should be considered as a great starting point. Let’s go through some of the benefits which mobile technology can give to small businesses and start-up companies.



 Mobility is all about freedom and, of course, portability. Latest laptops allow users to experience absolute mobility: you can travel on and about and still remain connected to the latest market trends. For start-up owners this can be a great attribute for a couple of reasons.

First of all, in the majority of cases, newly born companies have limited funds. So being able to work from home without having to pay for an office space can be of great help.

Secondly, most IT manufacturers are developing cloud computing systems which allow documents to be accessed from everywhere with the help of various devices, such as smartphones, pcs, and tablets. This decreases the storage cost, and enhances the communication flow, as files can be sent, received and modified in one embedded platform.


Worthwhile usage

 Technology can help to optimize time and make daily tasks and work processes more efficient. According to a report ran by the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council in 2011, mobile apps can help small business owners save an average of 5.6 hours per week. However, start-up and small businesses owners must make their research before choosing right technologies which will actually help their companies to evolve. John Antunes, a director of small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) operations at SAP told BBC: “Whatever technology SMEs invest in, whether it’s new cloud capabilities, analytics or mobility solutions, it needs to be able to grow with the business, providing functionality you will need both now and in the future.”

With that in mind, it is important to be very careful regarding what are the best solutions for your start-up. Proper technologies would help your business to prosper and help you to achieve even better results.

To sum up, if time is money then mobile technology is a perfect fit. Even if it is a big investment in the beginning, the day to day activities will show how it will pay off since work will be faster, more efficient and more integrated.

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